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Ana Cadence is a Youtuber and video maker in Perth, Western Australia. Many of her videos involve mental health topics and contribute to lessening the stigma towards it. Her channel also consists of advice, fashion, art, travel and poetry.

I found Ana's You Tube Channel in 2015, when I was fifteen years old. Her channel was in my recommendations and the first video that I watched of hers is titled  '☯My Suicide Attempt - This took a lot to upload☯'. I watched the entire video and immediately fell in love with her story and burning passion to help other people; despite going through one of the hardest times of her life.

I have been watching Ana for three years now, and being on her recovery journey is so inspiring. Her Channel is a raw documentation of her first-hand experiences and I have listened to her heart pour out because of problems in this world which are out of her reach, and because she wants to make a difference. I have witnessed the cruel realities of mental illness and how it impacted her through this Channel. Seeing this from a different perspective than my personal experience helped me to feel less alone; though it also made me hate the capacity and strength of mental illness even more. It is completely destroying.

I can see pieces of myself in Ana and the person that I was before mental illness took over my life. It is difficult to think about, but I have made a promise to myself that there will be a day where I recover. I'm looking forward to that day. The biggest part of Ana that I see in myself is her kindness and care for other people. I have a dying desire to save others, whether that be from themselves or other things, people, illness... I want to be able to save people because I don't want them to feel the pain that I have felt, and so I will always do everything that I can to make things better.

I admire the way that she can share her journey and life to inspire other people. Even though I have never met Ana, I know that she has a very big heart and she is so selfless. She is going to change the world someday I'm sure of it. Johanna helped me by showing that recovery from mental illness is possible. That struggling with your mental health is NOT something to be ashamed of.

My all time favourite video from Ana's channel is titled '☯Rudy Francisco Saved Me☯'. I have honestly lost count of how many times I have listened to this, the words are engraved somewhere inside of me and they flow out of me at every opportunity. This video includes snippets and clips of her day-to-day life, with Francisco's poem playing in the background and her commentary. This poem really connects to me. I feel connected because of the underlying tones of grief and loneliness. My favourite verse is this:

So I’ll call your phone and hang up before it actually rings.
I’ll write you letters that you will never read.
And when I see you in public
I’ll stick my hand inside of a bag full of things that I haven’t done since you left me
And pull out a smile.
I’ll say something like:
“It’s nice to see you.”
And I’ll keep walking.

Recently I have been grieving the loss of people and relationships; and this verse especially sums up the conflicting feelings that I have over what has happened in my life. After discovering this poem, I binge-read ALL of Rudy's work. I felt this strong pull towards his writing and my love for him grew even stronger. At the end of this post I will leave some links to my favourite poems of his. Ana listened to Rudy Francisco's work before her suicide attempt. It was something that kept her going and inspired her to silence the darkness of neurotic depression. There is an entire video dedicated to Rudy on her channel which you can find here.

Ana, in the unlikely circumstance that you are reading this, hello! I have spoken to you a few times on social media in the last three years but I doubt you remember me. I am so proud of how far you've come since I first found your channel; in terms of recovery, health, business and career. You inspire me to write, to challenge and to improve and I am working on the person that I want to become, the person that I already am behind mental illness diagnosis'. Thank you.

Ana's links:
Personal Store- https://universalhobobag.com/
Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/Universal.hobo
Snapchat- Indicaecho
Tumblr- http://disputeanocean.tumblr.com/
Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/JohannaCadence
Twitter- https://twitter.com/AcidicHobo

My Favourite Rudy Francisco Poems:
A Lot Like You
Turning Tables

Who is your favourite Youtuber? Let me know in the comments!

Love Casey x


  1. Whilst not a single person, my favourite YouTube channel is definitely Smosh Games! The way they play games, board games, card games and outdoor activities whilst making fun of each other is just to funny.

    1. I have heard lots of good things about Smosh, but I've never watched.

  2. I can't believe I've seen her channel before, she seems like someone I'd love watching!
    Liv x

  3. This is so sweet of you to take the time to write about her :) Inspiration can come from any person in the world, so that's special to have. When it comes to a YouTuber then I would without a doubt go with Lilly Singh :) I'm sure most people have heard about her? Lilly is the epitome of never giving up and being motivating.

    1. I haven't watched Lilly Singh but that sounds like my cup of tea so I'll be sure to have a look!

  4. Ana looks like someone I'd be interesting in watching, can't believe I haven't came across her videos yet, definitely going to watch some tonight x Very nice of you to share a youtuber on your blog!

    1. She is such a beautiful person, I hope you enjoy watching her content! Thank you x

  5. I absolutely love how YouTube lets you connect with people. I've never watched one of her videos but I think I will after reading this xx

    Jay / jayxoblogs.com

    1. It's amazing that you are able to reach people across the world and inspire them! x

  6. I've never heard of this girl before but I'll definitely be checking out her channel after seeing this post. Amazing post!


  7. Everything you wrote could've come out of my mouth. I'm glad you found her and that she gives you hope.

    Reading this has given me hope as well. And now I'm off to check out Anna's channel!

    - Amazing Maia

    1. She has helped me through a lot without even knowing, I'm really glad that it has given you hope too. Stay strong Maia and I'm always here x

  8. This is such a great idea. I made something similar once but I just filled it with my favorite quotes. I love this idea so much more.


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